Friday, June 17, 2005

Queers & pragmatism: Gay rights is bigger than Gay marriage

Wed Nov 3rd, 2004 at 11:45:08 PDT (Original diary)

There's alot of 2nd guessing right now & the queers (gay marriage issue) seem to be a favorite target/scapegoat.

Gavin Newsom & the leadership that got gay rights to the forefront are on the right side.

There's no excuse for bigotry, no excuse for treating honest people as 2nd class citizens.

& GOD DAMN IT - GOD NEVER SAID TO HATE EACH OTHER so f#ck all those bigots who believe otherwise. You will be judged harshly by history & one day by God. Burn in hell u f$ckers.

That being said.

Did the gay marriage issue hurt us at the polls? I think without a doubt it did. Facts:

*11 states voted against gay marriage - including Ohio.
*53% of seniors voted for bush, only 16% supporting gay marriage
*22% of the midwest electorate said "moral issues" was #1 & 80% of those voted for bush
*"moral issues" in the midwest was the #1 issue!!

Evangelicals - the ones Rove said did not show up as strongly in 2000 - did show in 2004.

Add to that a Catholic Church that was more political than 2000 - & you had a religious herd driven to the polls by the pulpit.

& they made the difference.

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So do we give up the fight? Do we wait our turn?

Hell no. But Gay rights is greater than Gay marriage. And, I'm sorry, but America voted that it was not ready for gay marriage.

We can get hospital visitation rights, health benefits, inheritence rights, -- real worlds rights that will make gays out of the closet & more fully integrated members of society.

These are soft issues -- polls have shown support for these issues.

& when society starts to see gays more as a part of themselves, they will be ready for gay marriage.

How do we ask people who have been supressed & detested & demonized to wait?

That is the toughest & most painful question. Pragmatism dictates however that we ask it.

I think we tried to get the whole thing & force it down America. Frankly, I don't know if we've done the footwork to earn that.

& I say earn knowing full well that these rights are God given & should be everybody's! As a minority, it DISGUSTS me to see another group discriminated against.

I know this will anger some people -- but we lost 4 years. 4 years that we'll face challenges & more obstacles.

In the end, we will win -- we are in the right.

However, we need to figure out what's the quickest way to do that & if we're impatient, if we don't do the footwork, if we do not discuss this issue (& others) pragmatically, we will continue to lose.

& then we will end up harming our own causes.

Gavin Newsome, the MA Supreme Court & all are heros. You should never criticize people who stand on principle & do it against such odds. All great movements had their radicals.

But we need to get there sooner not later.

& the question now is, how do we get there best & fastest?

In my humble opinion, it's through doing the footwork & building the coalition. All great movements that succeeded did this as well.

Well, I hope this generates a constructive dialouge. & make no mistake there were other issues. I just wanted to talk about one -- & no, not in any single way am I or should anyone scapegoat gays.


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