Friday, March 18, 2005

Canada & a Great Dick Cheney Bio on CBC

Ahhhh, i love canada. spending the holidays up there really reminded me why i loved living there.

polite people, considerate drivers, goregous scenery, great nitelife (vancouver), active & intelligent friends....ahhhhhh......i needed that recharge....

damn, i'm just not ready for all this anger & angst that you people are giving me!


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oh. wait. bush & cheney are in the white house. AACK! & frist & the repubs are in control. And there's 59 million stupid morons in this country think like them! & we're in a quagmire that's killing our people & economy & making Halliburton, Faux & alot of greedy traitors rich (that's right you can go ahead call them traitors -- what else is it when you knowingly grow rich at the cost of your own country).


Back to canada! well, ok, that's not easy, but you can go to a REAL news site

Here's a great factual Bio on Cheney by a mainstream media outlet without a left or right taint.

Ahhhh, doesn't this help his grandfather image?

anyway, enjoy.....

Judge says abused wife can't divorce while pregnant

I offer you proof that ig'nant people live in the blue states as well:

Judge Paul Bastine in Washington state refused to allow a woman from divorcing her abusive husband who's in a Montana jail.  Her husband was in jail for abusing her AND did not object to the divorce.

What?  Did one of our Southern fried nuts get loose up there?

Here's my favorite quote:

"It is the policy of the state that you cannot dissolve a marriage when one of the parties is pregnant," he said during oral arguments last month.

ummm, I wonder which one of the parties that would be.

I don't know the judge -- anybody else know him?  Maybe he's trying to make a point about a bad law (yeah, right) or seeing the legal issues only (wake up man!) -- but if he hadn't resigned, he should've been fired!

Now how about getting rid of the law?  There are too many laws that control pregnancy (which inherently control women's rights) & the prevention of "illegitimate children" (Newsflash:  all children are LEGITIMATE!)

Is it a vast right-wing, religious conspiracy or are there a bunch of nuts out there acting independently?  

I don't know if I want to believe in a Big Brother or that there are alot of stupid people out there!

Is there something we can do about this?



Judge's site:

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Texas KOS

Howdy folks!

You may have noticed the lack of entries here. I'll try to keep up but I've been busy promoting the Texas KOS group. It's a yahoo group that I started with the idea to promote progressive ideas in Texas & to turn good data in good action.

It allows us to interact better in Texas & to focus on local issues.

If you're interested, please join & let your friends know!