Monday, February 07, 2005

um, Maybe we should just look in our pants

someone suggested that Democrats should give men back their penises. That progressives were losing the male vote because we (to summarize) making men change too much & not let them be "MEN" anymore. It is frankly a good point but poorly drawn. This was my response.

um, last time i looked, i still had my thingy. so i may suggest something else than someone return my manhood.

i'll give you credit for posting something so blunt or crazy & out there. you sir have balls. Walk with pride, Lad!

however, i think it's over simplifying the issue.

i do agree that american males have had to deal with changing roles in society & are feeling the pressures that change pushes on us.

have we gone too soft? has the pendulum swung too far? mmmmaybe. but instead of walking around with penis envy, maybe we should just look in our pants for our dicks!

(sorry for the language, but hey! you saw the title of the diary!)

i promise you (ok, most of you) that you're penis is there & that if you really want to be man, you too can make the same mistakes i made & am making & learn to be one.

but this is really about the change i was talking about earlier. hat change has been going on for a long time & one can argue it's a continuous evolution that human beings have to learn to adapt to.

the republican party is definitely the party of status quo. the one that does not want change (traditional values, etc...).

& we are the party of change.

i mean, there IS a reason why they are the *conservative* party & we the *progressive* party.

Conservative is defined as "opposed to change". & Progressive is defined as "moving forward; proceeding in steps".

So, there's going to be a natural political alignment of people based on their attitudes towards change.

Maybe instead of pandering to a bunch of men who want to return to the good ole days beating women with a club & dragging them off to a cave -- maybe we need to reach men who are open to a LITTLE change.

These men don't need their woman waiting at home, bare-foot & pregnant. These men don't mind women competing with them at work. Or hell, driving.

We'll never reach those guys that NEVER want to change. & mind you, that's women too. Alot of women don't like change either & are Republicans.

Hell, most people, including us don't like change.

But you learn to deal with it & adapt to it. *If we really want to win elections, we need *

1. *to remove the fear of change some people have who are really just looking for a little help getting going*

2. *to prepare people for change by preparing it manageable portions*

the better we do 1 & 2, the more we will win. & i'm betting if we look back the past few decades, we'll find that we did not do 1 & 2 well -- & that's why we've been losing.

either way, it won't be in pandering to men or women who absolutely do not want change. b/c at that point we'll lost the people who are thinking we're moving too slow.

BTW, women have to deal with changes as well. i hope we don't have to find their vaginas for them.

well, that may not be such a bad idea. but i digress.....


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