Monday, February 14, 2005

Houston/Galveston Area Progressives

i was quite inspired by the feats of a certain bionic kitty who was able to influence the houston chronicle to publish an editorial concerning "Jeff Gannon".

if you don't know who Gannon is -- well, join the crowd! seems like no one does EXCEPT the WHITE HOUSE!!

& they're acting dumb (or is that really acting??)

now, ms. kitty is being modest, but it seems more than a coicidence that an editorial she sent to the Chronicle should appear almost the same time as the one they published. so, KUDOS to ya! i quite frankly never thought of sending one myself since i never expected it to be published.

but it made me wonder: hmmmm, what if we got all the local Houston Area progressives & coordinated our activities?!??

so, hey!?? you guys want to do something??? drop me a line or email me!


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