Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Harry Reid: Put a saddle on that horse!

SO. everybody's suddenly stopped worrying about the anti-abortion, Mormon upbringing of Harry Reid, the new Democratic minority leader in the Senate. people are now glowing about how strong he is performing & how he really connects with Americans..

well you know what?? I BEAT ALL OF YA'LL! i was the 1st to jump on Reid's bandwagon. it's b/c i'm smart & intellijent.

what's not to like? after the inept, apologetic leadership i've seen the past 4 years, it was nice to have a guy who could shoot straight, tawk straight, & yank out his backbone to whip the snot out of some weak junior dem or some rethuglican.

add to that he connects with the "common folk" who are the base of the repubs & it's no wonder the repubs are attacking reid.

this isn't just about Social Security or winning Nevada (Reid represents Nevada). Reid & leaders that fit his mold can get the ear of the republican base -- & that's dangerous to them when you consider the horseshit they run on.

so put a saddle on that boy & ride 'im to washington DC.


um, sorry. i drank houston water today (big mistake!) & it's turning my stomach green & my tongue country!


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