Friday, February 04, 2005

Cat Sounds

ever seen a woman be asssertive & have her husband or boyfriend or just some guy go "Meow" -- as if she's snarly like a cat.

i'm not here to be a he-feminist & burn my girlfriend's (if i had any) bra. i'd just like to point out that these men OBVIOUSLY never had a cat.

i have cats. meow means "feed me" or "rub my butt, you monkey!"

so, guys, unless you are asking her to cook dinner (which i've found is a mistake to expect) or asking for sex (which if you're dumb enough to say "meow", you sure aren't getting), you better change cat sounds.

my cats:

HSSSSS! = lay off man or i'll play tic-tac-toe with my claws on your back

Meow = "feed me" or "rub my butt, you monkey!"

Mrrrow = um, did you NOT hear my meow?

MRRROWWWWWWW! = hey monkey! get off your ass & feed me or i'll spray you in your sleep again! you want to wake up staring at my ass again???

Prrrrr = you fed me. you get to live. now go clean the litter box.

cats like some women are evil. be careful how you mimic or mock them.


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12:48 PM  

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