Friday, February 04, 2005

Ann Coulter is STUPID

Ann "Why, yes, I do sleep with the FBI for my info" Coulter was being interviewed by CBC (canadian broadcasting co) on a show called the Fifth Estate.

Watch the interview. Priceless!

She's asked why she had said such disparaging things about Canada. *She goes on state that Canada sent troops to Vietnam!*

When she's corrected, she goes on to ARGUE with the CANADIAN journalist who so smuggly BACK HANDS THAT BITCH BACK TO PREP SCHOOL!

keith olbermann played this last nite also. BTW, are you guys watching the only real newsman left in the states?? (unless you guys can add to that list)

GOD IT WAS AWESOME! this is why canadian news rocks & why i watch cbc & the international channel to REALLY find out what's going on here.

can you say Open mouth & insert....hmmm....?? :-)


Blogger Grace Reid said...

Dear Krazy,
Can you please fix this?
a reader

5:31 AM  
Blogger krazypuppy said...

hey apian,

sorry about the script code that was visible earlier. it was inserted by the host site i believe when i was editing the HTML code.

i use Mozilla's Firefox browser ( which did not display the code. i viewed the file at a tea house on IE & saw the code visible.

so the moral of the story? USE FIREFOX!! :-)

no, seriously, use firefox. much more secure because...

1. not as integrated with Windows so hackers can't break into your OS via the browser
2. since it's not MS, it's not targeted as much
3. coders claim it's more secure internally but i have not researched enough to know that.

#1 & 2 were good enough for me. & i'm not bashing MS either.

12:46 PM  

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