Tuesday, February 15, 2005

ACTION ALERT: Let Earle Investigate Tom Delay!!

In the category of Can they really do this: The Republican Texas Legislature is trying to Stop District Attorney Ronnie Earle of Austin from investigating all the corruption of Tom Delay.

Please see below, sign the petition, forward the link, & PLEASE PLEASE recommend so that we can get more press on this (not asking for tips or nothing).

Texan Kossacks please email/contact your local papers & ask them why the Republicans are keeping an elected District Attorney of Texas from carrying out Texas law.

If they can legislate that you cannot investigate Republican politicians, what THA FREAK IS NEXT!?!?!?

No One is Above the Law

If it was up to Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick, America would never know if Tom DeLay broke the law. It's an attempted cover up that we must -- and can -- expose.

On Wednesday, February 9, one of Craddick's lieutenants, State Rep. Mary Denny (R) introduced legislation designed to protect Tom DeLay. The bill would halt Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle's investigation into DeLay's role in raising hundreds of thousands of corporate contributions. That money was used in a brazen political move to gerrymander congressional districts in Texas to expand DeLay's power in Washington. But corporate money is prohibited from political campaigns in Texas, and Earle is hot on DeLay's trail. Now DeLay, Craddick, and their allies want to stop the investigation and sweep the facts under the rug.

It's no wonder Denny's bill quickly earned the name the "Politician Protection Act." Or that Denny is the beneficiary of Tom DeLay's state PAC money.

Send a message to Texas Speaker Tom Craddick: Stop protecting Tom DeLay!



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