Tuesday, February 15, 2005

ACTION ALERT: Let Earle Investigate Tom Delay!!

In the category of Can they really do this: The Republican Texas Legislature is trying to Stop District Attorney Ronnie Earle of Austin from investigating all the corruption of Tom Delay.

Please see below, sign the petition, forward the link, & PLEASE PLEASE recommend so that we can get more press on this (not asking for tips or nothing).

Texan Kossacks please email/contact your local papers & ask them why the Republicans are keeping an elected District Attorney of Texas from carrying out Texas law.

If they can legislate that you cannot investigate Republican politicians, what THA FREAK IS NEXT!?!?!?

No One is Above the Law

If it was up to Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick, America would never know if Tom DeLay broke the law. It's an attempted cover up that we must -- and can -- expose.

On Wednesday, February 9, one of Craddick's lieutenants, State Rep. Mary Denny (R) introduced legislation designed to protect Tom DeLay. The bill would halt Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle's investigation into DeLay's role in raising hundreds of thousands of corporate contributions. That money was used in a brazen political move to gerrymander congressional districts in Texas to expand DeLay's power in Washington. But corporate money is prohibited from political campaigns in Texas, and Earle is hot on DeLay's trail. Now DeLay, Craddick, and their allies want to stop the investigation and sweep the facts under the rug.

It's no wonder Denny's bill quickly earned the name the "Politician Protection Act." Or that Denny is the beneficiary of Tom DeLay's state PAC money.

Send a message to Texas Speaker Tom Craddick: Stop protecting Tom DeLay!


Monday, February 14, 2005

Houston/Galveston Area Progressives

i was quite inspired by the feats of a certain bionic kitty who was able to influence the houston chronicle to publish an editorial concerning "Jeff Gannon".

if you don't know who Gannon is -- well, join the crowd! seems like no one does EXCEPT the WHITE HOUSE!!

& they're acting dumb (or is that really acting??)

now, ms. kitty is being modest, but it seems more than a coicidence that an editorial she sent to the Chronicle should appear almost the same time as the one they published. so, KUDOS to ya! i quite frankly never thought of sending one myself since i never expected it to be published.

but it made me wonder: hmmmm, what if we got all the local Houston Area progressives & coordinated our activities?!??

so, hey!?? you guys want to do something??? drop me a line or email me!

I get by with a little help from my friends

Hey, drop us a line. It's always good making frineds.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

If George Bush was a girl

Ok, this is just scary. Enjoy boys!

George Bush is SOOOOO HOT!

I wonder if he's saying "Iraq? Opps, I did it again!"

Harry Reid: Put a saddle on that horse!

SO. everybody's suddenly stopped worrying about the anti-abortion, Mormon upbringing of Harry Reid, the new Democratic minority leader in the Senate. people are now glowing about how strong he is performing & how he really connects with Americans..

well you know what?? I BEAT ALL OF YA'LL! i was the 1st to jump on Reid's bandwagon. it's b/c i'm smart & intellijent.

what's not to like? after the inept, apologetic leadership i've seen the past 4 years, it was nice to have a guy who could shoot straight, tawk straight, & yank out his backbone to whip the snot out of some weak junior dem or some rethuglican.

add to that he connects with the "common folk" who are the base of the repubs & it's no wonder the repubs are attacking reid.

this isn't just about Social Security or winning Nevada (Reid represents Nevada). Reid & leaders that fit his mold can get the ear of the republican base -- & that's dangerous to them when you consider the horseshit they run on.

so put a saddle on that boy & ride 'im to washington DC.


um, sorry. i drank houston water today (big mistake!) & it's turning my stomach green & my tongue country!

Monday, February 07, 2005

um, Maybe we should just look in our pants

someone suggested that Democrats should give men back their penises. That progressives were losing the male vote because we (to summarize) making men change too much & not let them be "MEN" anymore. It is frankly a good point but poorly drawn. This was my response.

um, last time i looked, i still had my thingy. so i may suggest something else than someone return my manhood.

i'll give you credit for posting something so blunt or crazy & out there. you sir have balls. Walk with pride, Lad!

however, i think it's over simplifying the issue.

i do agree that american males have had to deal with changing roles in society & are feeling the pressures that change pushes on us.

have we gone too soft? has the pendulum swung too far? mmmmaybe. but instead of walking around with penis envy, maybe we should just look in our pants for our dicks!

(sorry for the language, but hey! you saw the title of the diary!)

i promise you (ok, most of you) that you're penis is there & that if you really want to be man, you too can make the same mistakes i made & am making & learn to be one.

but this is really about the change i was talking about earlier. hat change has been going on for a long time & one can argue it's a continuous evolution that human beings have to learn to adapt to.

the republican party is definitely the party of status quo. the one that does not want change (traditional values, etc...).

& we are the party of change.

i mean, there IS a reason why they are the *conservative* party & we the *progressive* party.

Conservative is defined as "opposed to change". & Progressive is defined as "moving forward; proceeding in steps".

So, there's going to be a natural political alignment of people based on their attitudes towards change.

Maybe instead of pandering to a bunch of men who want to return to the good ole days beating women with a club & dragging them off to a cave -- maybe we need to reach men who are open to a LITTLE change.

These men don't need their woman waiting at home, bare-foot & pregnant. These men don't mind women competing with them at work. Or hell, driving.

We'll never reach those guys that NEVER want to change. & mind you, that's women too. Alot of women don't like change either & are Republicans.

Hell, most people, including us don't like change.

But you learn to deal with it & adapt to it. *If we really want to win elections, we need *

1. *to remove the fear of change some people have who are really just looking for a little help getting going*

2. *to prepare people for change by preparing it manageable portions*

the better we do 1 & 2, the more we will win. & i'm betting if we look back the past few decades, we'll find that we did not do 1 & 2 well -- & that's why we've been losing.

either way, it won't be in pandering to men or women who absolutely do not want change. b/c at that point we'll lost the people who are thinking we're moving too slow.

BTW, women have to deal with changes as well. i hope we don't have to find their vaginas for them.

well, that may not be such a bad idea. but i digress.....

Let Bush Talk!

The best campaign against bush & the other roasted wingnuts like tom coburn of Oklahoma is to put a video camera on them & let them talk.

Why & when was Fahrenheit 9/11 so effective? When it used footage of george without editing them. 7 minutes little Georgie sat there trying to desperately hide his fear & inpotence behind a children's book WHILE his country was being attacked & did NOTHING. During the war, he gives a pat speech about iraq & our young soldiers who were willing to serve when a young george went AWOL. Geogie then shows some real excitement when he asks you to demostrate his golf swing.

Let the idiot talk. rove can't control bush's ego. just try to minimize the damage.

Friday, February 04, 2005

Ann Coulter is STUPID

Ann "Why, yes, I do sleep with the FBI for my info" Coulter was being interviewed by CBC (canadian broadcasting co) on a show called the Fifth Estate.

Watch the interview. Priceless!

She's asked why she had said such disparaging things about Canada. *She goes on state that Canada sent troops to Vietnam!*

When she's corrected, she goes on to ARGUE with the CANADIAN journalist who so smuggly BACK HANDS THAT BITCH BACK TO PREP SCHOOL!


keith olbermann played this last nite also. BTW, are you guys watching the only real newsman left in the states?? (unless you guys can add to that list)

GOD IT WAS AWESOME! this is why canadian news rocks & why i watch cbc & the international channel to REALLY find out what's going on here.

can you say Open mouth & insert....hmmm....?? :-)

Cat Sounds

ever seen a woman be asssertive & have her husband or boyfriend or just some guy go "Meow" -- as if she's snarly like a cat.

i'm not here to be a he-feminist & burn my girlfriend's (if i had any) bra. i'd just like to point out that these men OBVIOUSLY never had a cat.

i have cats. meow means "feed me" or "rub my butt, you monkey!"

so, guys, unless you are asking her to cook dinner (which i've found is a mistake to expect) or asking for sex (which if you're dumb enough to say "meow", you sure aren't getting), you better change cat sounds.

my cats:

HSSSSS! = lay off man or i'll play tic-tac-toe with my claws on your back

Meow = "feed me" or "rub my butt, you monkey!"

Mrrrow = um, did you NOT hear my meow?

MRRROWWWWWWW! = hey monkey! get off your ass & feed me or i'll spray you in your sleep again! you want to wake up staring at my ass again???

Prrrrr = you fed me. you get to live. now go clean the litter box.

cats like some women are evil. be careful how you mimic or mock them.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bush's Birth Tax

This kid is a quick learner!

Iraqi Woman at Bush State of the Union speech was a FAKE!

Hmmmmm.....you don't think they'd try it again, do ya???

So the Republican machine tried to play on the emotions of the American public again & tried to use an Iraqi woman to push their agenda. As some of you know, Bush's State of the Union speech featured an Iraqi woman in the front of the audience, placed there intentionally to back Bush's message.

The Iraqi woman, Ms. Sofia Taleb Al Souhail, it was claimed was the daughter of prominent Iraqi opposition member in exile who was killed by Saddam.

Quotes Bush during his speech:

"Eleven years ago, Safia's father was assassinated by Saddam's intelligence service. Three days ago in Baghdad, Safia was finally able to vote for the leaders of her country -- and we are honored that she is with us tonight."

She even at one point hugged the mother of an American soldier who had been killed in Iraq. It was the "money shot" as Howard Fineman, a news reporter for MSNBC, pointed out. & yes, it was definitely very effective politics.

The problem is that it was all a lie.

The issue is: will people focus on the emotional tear-jerker they were fed on TV or will they be willing to spend a little time finding out or even listening to the facts.

Hey, I'm the first to say that Cheney scored big during the VP debate when he stated that he had never once seen Edwards in the Senate chambers. A COMPLETE LIE. & HE KNEW IT.

But it was effective. & pointing it out later was a good recovery but that lie did it's damage. It continued to cement his core listeners & it put Edwards off.

Just like Cheney's lie, the Iraqi woman is an effective lie & good presentation. Now if it were only true.

Turns out she was actually going go to 3 international courts to charge the US government for being virtual accomplices in the murder of her father. Her father was planning a coup of Saddam's government but the US government felt he would not go along with their policies.

So the US Government TOLD Saddam about the plot which resulted in the capture & torture & DEATH of the leaders.

Yeah, that's protecting freedom. Aiding a dictator. & oh, before any of you Repubs cry out, remember this was during CLINTON'S administration.

So, to summarize:

  1. This woman wasn't just some common Iraqi picked up from the streets, as Bush implied

  2. This woman has political capital she's going to gain from working with Bush

  3. This woman was ready to prosecute the US government, but will shut up now. Hmmmm, what do you think Bush promised her for that silence & hug??? Mmmm, Bagdad??

Whatever the woman's motivation, & frankly I don't really have issues with her because frankly she's just another pawn on the Bush board, it's the motivation of the Repubs that apalls me!

Remember the Kuwait princess who came on TV before the Gulf War in 1991. She was pushed there by the pro-war faction (Kuwati & Bush I) & she told a emotional tale of how Iraqi soldiers were using babies for shooting practices.

It made every mother & compasionate American cry out for war. It was effective. BUT IT WAS A LIE. She never saw any of what she claimed & as a princess had been safetly removed from the country before it was taken over.

Bush is again using Ms. Souhail to get an emotion knee jerk response from Americans, knowing full well how effective it is.

Let's hope that THIS time America does not get fooled.

Full story here:
  1. http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/2/3/61911/26777
  2. http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/article.asp?ID=1379

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Teen Sex Increased with Abstinence only Sex Ed Classes

Hey, don't tell Georgie that one his pet projects in Texas didn't work -- um, much like everything else he tried.

Turns out Teen Sex INCREASED after teens took Abstinence only Sex Ed classes in Texas. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/6894568/

YEEEEEHAW -- we're sure knows how to edjamacate our yung'uns down here!


1. Among 13-14 yr old girls, the increase in Teen sex was 6% (to almost 30%)

2. Among 14-15 yr old boys, the increase in Teen sex was 15% (to almost 40%)

Wow -- 40%!

& no, the survey was not conducted by a liberal think tank with an agenda. It was conducted by Texas A&M university -- an conservative, milatry college with a strong military, engineering & agricultural tradition.

I personally feel that abstinence (or really waiting) has a place in Sex Ed programs. Pushing the date when teens have sex is a good thing in my opinion -- giving them time to be able to handle it with more maturity & more knowledge of birth control, etc....

However, it has to combined with real sex education which begins with some discussion of birth control, the impacts of getting pregnant, a discussion of physiological changes, etc...

SOME of these "sex" education programs do NOT even mention the word SEX.

How can it be a Sex Education program if it doesn't even mention the word SEX?!?!?

That's makes about as much sense as

1. going to war with a country b/c they have WMDs when they don't!

2. saying there's a Socical Security crisis

3. saying privatizing Social Security will make seniors more financialy safe & will NOT increase the budget decifit

4. promoting a guy to attorney general b/c he's (a) loyal & (b) a potential voting block EVEN after he (a) justifies torture & (b) proves he's judicially incompetent

5. promoting a lady to Sec of State b/c SHE'S (a) loyal & (b) a potential voting block EVEN after SHE (a) fails to protect us from the greatest disaster to strike us since Perl Harbor & (b) proves she's diplomatically incompetent

6. reading a children's book for 7 minutes while your country is being attacked till an aide tells you what to do

7. cutting taxes mostly for the rich

8. cutting taxes during a war

9. cutting taxes while giving away so much pork to your corporate "clients"

DO YOU SEE A PATTERN??? DOES ANYBODY CARE TO ADD TO THIS?? i'm just getting too damn tired of this shit!

I've got one question to the reds in the world: how fucking brain dead do you have to be to ignore all & i mean ALLLLLL the raw data contradicting everything george stands for before you realize he's a fucking moron!