Monday, January 31, 2005

The First Amendment is really not a big deal.

Amazing story on MSNBC: A study of high school students revealed an alarming attitude:

The First Amendment is really not a big deal.

We all know the state of our education system (started prior to No Child Left Behind but accelerated since). So I guess I wasn't too suprised by the ignorance of high school students.

That 3/4 of them didn't know flag-burning was protected or 1/2 thought the government could regulate content on the internet makes you just you shake your head, maybe even laugh.

However, what's chilling is that:

  1. Only 83% said unpopular views should be allowed to be expressed in the media.

  2. 1/3 thought the 1st Amendent went too far in guaranteeing people's rights

  3. 1/2 think that the government should APPROVE stories before they are printed in the media


you want to know why it's important that we retake control of our media & schools again?

because it takes a long time to wear people down, but once you do, they accept it & will accept less & less.

i'll give you an analogy (hopefully it doesn't come across as silly -- hang in there):

i always used to love eating out in the states. then i moved to canada. i could not BELIEVE how good everything tasted there. & you can really taste the difference. bread w/ butter (oh, so that's the big deal), chocolates, etc....

i know this sounds silly & i risk being panned, (esp., in light of the 1st Amendment) but the reason things tasted better up there is a both logical & alarming: they don't use as many artificial ingredients, hormones & pesticides up there. So the ingredients that make up our foods is more pure, healthier & just tastes better.

canadian foods spoiled me. when i moved back to the states, i really don't enjoy eating out as much as i used to -- the butter is solidified transfatty oils, & chocolates gritty & powdery (& yes, they're made at different factories). i don't eat at mcdonalds or i feel bloated or sick.

i switched to organics b/c they matched the tastes. think about that: I HAD TO SWITCH TO ORGANICS TO GET THE SAME QUALITY & TASTES THAT REGULAR FOODS HAD UP THERE!

& i used to eat this stuff all the time & think it was the greatest. but that's b/c i grew up with & had gotten used to. i in effect didn't know any better.

so what's the point of this silly analogy?

well, how do you think we arrived to the point where we could accept products & ingredients in our foods that causes diarrhea, increase stomach acidity, can actually put burns on the walls of our intestines, and of course cause cancers?

the food industry has added or taken away various ingredients to improve their manufacturing, product lifetimes, and margins.

& it wasn't a right-wing conspiracy. yes, i've read about some of the more conscious ingredient changes corps used. but more than anything else, it was a simple attempt to make more profits -- which is understandable (unless someone can prove otherwise).

& this happend slowly, in increments & we didn't really feel it till we were conditioned to accept less & less & accept more dangerous materials into our bodies.

& that's what's happening here. these students have conditioned to accept less & less & that's dangerous b/c they will be the voters of tomorrow. they will be the ones will not blink when the Patriot Act is made law & added.

& they will be the ones who will understand why it is important for the government to censor any stories in the press.

Senator Byrd (D-Va) is pushing that students should be taught the Constitution. This may be one issue that conservatives (true conservatives who I have a great deal of respect for, not religious freaks) & progressive can agree on & legislate. The country is going to lose a great leader & a great scholar of the Constitution when Byrd leaves us.

georgia10 bemoaned the loss of our free press, the 4th Estate. here's how it happens.

we need to take back our schools & press.


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