Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Defending Joseph Biden

I respect the opinions of those who felt Joseph Biden was weak & hypocritical for voting for Rice during the Senate Committee’s review of her nomination -- especially when he was so highly critical of Rice. His argument that he was being deferential to the President was suspect. So perhaps the criticism he has received is justified. It is at least worth understanding.

I however did find his questions very tough & his knowledge of the Iraq war formidable. He definitely came across knowing more about the war than did Rice. He put holes in her credibility right from the start – WITHOUT looking partisan.

This was important because it gave him & the other Dems credibility to continue their attacks on Rice & the Bush Administration. Biden’s ability to seed doubts concerning Rice’s integrity into the audience made the testimony & tough questions of his fellow Dems on the committee that more effective.

Boxer, for all her AWESOME ass kicking, would NOT have been so effective if Biden hadn’t done such a good job of putting holes in Rice’s numbers & statements without looking like a partisan sore loser.

For instance, disproving convincingly Rice’s & the administration’s assertion that there are some 100,000 to 200,000 trained Iraqis ready to protect their country.

Using their own people & #'s, Biden made a convincing case that there were only 4000 trained Iraqis & of those NONE were ready to actually prepared to protect their country.

This was an incredibly important point because having 200,000 trained Iraqis was the condition the Bush Administration has said it needed to withdraw our forces.

Which means at this rate we’ll NEVER get out of IRAQ!!!

It also showed that either (a) the Bush Administration is lying about it’s numbers, or (b) that it doesn’t know it’s numbers & is therefore incompetent, or (c) BOTH!!

The hole that Joseph Biden put in Condi Rice’s credibility & in turn the Bush Administration’s was TITANIC BIG! And he did without giving up his own credibility, without looking like a partisan bully, which would have turned the audience (American conservatives & mainstream voters) against the Democrats right from the beginning.

And, we don’t get enough chances to speak to Red/Pinkish voters right now – so let’s take advantage of the chances we get.

So, to summarize, I have always found Biden to be an informed, sharp critic of the Bush administration. He was one of the few Dems who effectively backed-up Kerry in the 2004 campaign (GAWD – remember the so called “War Room”??).

So let’s give him some benefit of the doubt & appreciate his toughness & service so far.

It’s a shame & ironic. Kerry had Biden to be his Secretary of State & Biden showed that he would have been a good one.

What could’ve been (& may be in 2008).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

what horseshit! biden sold out & he completely lost my vote!

i'm sick of these pansy dems. he & lieb can go!

11:26 AM  
Blogger krazypuppy said...

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11:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

2008 huh? you think he's going to be secretary of state?

i kind of think he may run himself.

11:28 AM  

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