Monday, November 15, 2004



Concerning the debate over Memo-gate: It's over! We lost that battle -- let's get over it & win the war.

We in the progressive band seem to be in agony over these docs. And, yes, GOD! it's so easy to be (This was supposed to be the story that buried Bush! Arrrgh!).

But move on! We missed the opportunity.

Fortunately, it was never about Vietnam or Karl Rove or the Texas Guard or even Bill Clinton's heart.

It's about the War, stupid!

This is where the debate should have been & should be. Everything else (& yes, there are a lot of things) starts from this central issue that the campaign got away from.

Yes, the media did a poor job. Yes, Faux is misleading the country. Yes, Bush is abusing the Homeland Security Office for political purposes.

But that's not why we got in trouble.

When the campaign went away from the central issue IRAQ -- that's when Karl Rove was able to distract everyone & sneak Bush into the lead.

But relax! Kerry finally took the gloves & bad advice off! The campaign is now gaining.

I live in Texas & I'll tell you something -- no one cares about the memos. The hard core right is loving it. But outside of that (& it really is a big group), no one cares.

If that's how they feel in Republican Texas -- how do you think they feel in the battle ground states?

So, drop Memo-gate. Just drop it. It's a waste of energy & time which we are running out of.

We have been letting the right-wing get us out of our game plan & we've paid for that.

Putting the truth about Iraq is something no one call pretty up. It will not reach the hard-core right wing. Thank their God we don't need them. But, there is a group of people hungry for the truth. Let's get it to them -- it is not so far fetched that the people may decide to listen & go with the truth.
So get focused, get active, get in line & let's go get a win.