Monday, July 11, 2005

Olbermann KO's Karl Rove!

Keith Olbermann has a great write up on Karl Rove & why he needs to be kicked out of the WH.

I'll let you read up the article but I'd like to pose a question (mine):

In light of the terror attacks in London, doesn't Karl Rove's sabatoge for political gains of a secret agent who is part of our defense AGAINST such terrorist become particularly alarming, hypocritical & dangerous?

I don't want to judge Karl Rove on a political basis.  If you are only supporting (or attacking) him b/c of his politics, THEN YOU ARE COMPLETELY MISSING THE PICTURE.

Kossacks, I ask that we NOT politicize this b/c that will diminish the seriousness of the crime. This is something ALL AMERICAN can agree on.

So let's approach this strictly from an apoltical - perhaps even conservative - view.

Karl Rove stated just 2 weeks back

"Liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers."

Conservatives, he said, "saw the savagery of 9/11 and the attacks and prepared for war."

Really, Karl?  Well, if that's how you feel, then well I guess you're entitled to say 1/2 the country is soft on terrorism.

But how did it HELP the war on terror to attack one of your agent (Valerie Plame) who tracks these terrorists??

Also, how helpful was it to undercut your British allies as they were nearing in on al Queda suspects last year - again for political gains.  This time it was to help with Bush's 2004 re-election.

The British had to scramble to catch 12 men prematurely before they were able to capture more evidence.  (link?)  

Could these people have been involved in these attacks?  Did the sabatoge of the British investigation by the WH keep the Brits from stopping the London attacks?  Or is there another one on the way??

WHO KNOWS!  We may never.  The point is that we lost an opportunity & we put ourselves in more danger - CORRECTION - YOU put is more danger ALL b/c of political gain!

Sen. John Kerry was right.  

Sen. John Kerry -Mass., said in a floor speech that Bush should at the very least exact an apology from his political adviser. "Frankly, he should fire him," Kerry said.

Yes, Bush should apologize.  But not just to Democrats.  He needs to apologize to the American people b/c HIS White House today threatened the security of the country & of other countries (London) when HIS White House advisor leaked the name of our spies who are our first line of attack in the "War on Terror".

In the line of defense against terror, it will be our HUMAN INTELLIGENCE (spies) that will ultimately warn us of impending attacks & prevent 9/11 & London & Madrid from happening again.

If a party WHATEVER PARTY starts compromising our security b/c of politics, then that party is treasonous & dangerous to our security.

To those conservatives out there who love our country, ask yourself this question.  Would you defend this man if he was a Democrat?  It would be as wrong to do so as to attack ONLY b/c he's a Republican.


Friday, June 17, 2005

Gavin Newsom: Hero & Scapegoat

Tue Nov 9th, 2004 at 08:57:42 PDT (Original Post)

I read an article last week (link anyone?) on Salon about the all the negative calls (400) Gavin Newsom got last week as people tried to blame him for the loss -- which I think is inaccurate & just stupid.

He sounded tired & understandably defensive and yet, still graceful.

I don't doubt that some of the calls were ugly.

I don't doubt that he's a strong man -- what he did & stood up to required a great deal of strength. However, no man can stand the weight of so much negativity without feeling it.

I'd love it if he got some calls from us & other reality based people ("reals" in my book) --especially straight people like myself -- who can just let him know that whatever our differences (or sames) we still support the guy & that he did a heroic thing.

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I'm not saying we have to pass around flowers & spread love (altho that's not a bad thing) or even to agree with him. I for one have questioned the timing of the gay marriage issue (although I think we all support gay rights)

I just feel that a community that supports each other (whatever our differences) will be a stronger community.

I would be proud to belong to that community.

You might consider letting him know.

& remember, whatever our differences, I think we want the same things -- good jobs, better environment, freedom & equality for everyone.

Thanks, *ps. Btw, have you guys gotten over last week's hangover, yet??? Cuz I'm feeling like we're all licking our wounds & coming back together stronger.

A Hispanic for VP

Thu Nov 4th, 2004 at 13:11:54 PDT (Original Post)

I know people keep pushing for breaking up the South's dominance. I wonder if we can't bypass them.

How? How about a Hispanic for VP...

I have no issues with Edwards -- I think he handled himself very well & is a good viable candidate for future runs.

But I was really looking forward to Bill Richardson (1/2 hispanic, 1/2 white) as a VP candidate.

Why? A hispanic on the ticket I think would've gotten us several states.

Definites (in my opin): New Mexico, Colorado, Florida,

Probables (my opin): Arizona. Others?

In Play: Nevada, Arkansas (just a few more tilts)

Making them work for it: Texas -- it's the only way we'll get Texas or make it competitive.

The first party to make a serious bid to the Hispanic community -- VP -- will get that community & much clout.

If we do this, we win (& I think would've won) Florida, NM, Colorado & the presidency.

it's all about checks & this case pitting the Southwest & Florida vs the South[east].

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If THEY do this, we're toast. & given the inroads they are making in that community, i really felt it important that we did it this time. & i worry that rove is savvy enough to do this.

Of course, hispanics as with any community don't like to be patronized & so would take any superficial gesture in that manner.

but you can't deny the power of having "one of your own" one heart-beat away from the presidency.

as a minority myself, i'd get very interested then myself.

Queers & pragmatism: Gay rights is bigger than Gay marriage

Wed Nov 3rd, 2004 at 11:45:08 PDT (Original diary)

There's alot of 2nd guessing right now & the queers (gay marriage issue) seem to be a favorite target/scapegoat.

Gavin Newsom & the leadership that got gay rights to the forefront are on the right side.

There's no excuse for bigotry, no excuse for treating honest people as 2nd class citizens.

& GOD DAMN IT - GOD NEVER SAID TO HATE EACH OTHER so f#ck all those bigots who believe otherwise. You will be judged harshly by history & one day by God. Burn in hell u f$ckers.

That being said.

Did the gay marriage issue hurt us at the polls? I think without a doubt it did. Facts:

*11 states voted against gay marriage - including Ohio.
*53% of seniors voted for bush, only 16% supporting gay marriage
*22% of the midwest electorate said "moral issues" was #1 & 80% of those voted for bush
*"moral issues" in the midwest was the #1 issue!!

Evangelicals - the ones Rove said did not show up as strongly in 2000 - did show in 2004.

Add to that a Catholic Church that was more political than 2000 - & you had a religious herd driven to the polls by the pulpit.

& they made the difference.

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So do we give up the fight? Do we wait our turn?

Hell no. But Gay rights is greater than Gay marriage. And, I'm sorry, but America voted that it was not ready for gay marriage.

We can get hospital visitation rights, health benefits, inheritence rights, -- real worlds rights that will make gays out of the closet & more fully integrated members of society.

These are soft issues -- polls have shown support for these issues.

& when society starts to see gays more as a part of themselves, they will be ready for gay marriage.

How do we ask people who have been supressed & detested & demonized to wait?

That is the toughest & most painful question. Pragmatism dictates however that we ask it.

I think we tried to get the whole thing & force it down America. Frankly, I don't know if we've done the footwork to earn that.

& I say earn knowing full well that these rights are God given & should be everybody's! As a minority, it DISGUSTS me to see another group discriminated against.

I know this will anger some people -- but we lost 4 years. 4 years that we'll face challenges & more obstacles.

In the end, we will win -- we are in the right.

However, we need to figure out what's the quickest way to do that & if we're impatient, if we don't do the footwork, if we do not discuss this issue (& others) pragmatically, we will continue to lose.

& then we will end up harming our own causes.

Gavin Newsome, the MA Supreme Court & all are heros. You should never criticize people who stand on principle & do it against such odds. All great movements had their radicals.

But we need to get there sooner not later.

& the question now is, how do we get there best & fastest?

In my humble opinion, it's through doing the footwork & building the coalition. All great movements that succeeded did this as well.

Well, I hope this generates a constructive dialouge. & make no mistake there were other issues. I just wanted to talk about one -- & no, not in any single way am I or should anyone scapegoat gays.

Friday, March 18, 2005

Canada & a Great Dick Cheney Bio on CBC

Ahhhh, i love canada. spending the holidays up there really reminded me why i loved living there.

polite people, considerate drivers, goregous scenery, great nitelife (vancouver), active & intelligent friends....ahhhhhh......i needed that recharge....

damn, i'm just not ready for all this anger & angst that you people are giving me!


Diaries :: krazypuppy's diary ::

oh. wait. bush & cheney are in the white house. AACK! & frist & the repubs are in control. And there's 59 million stupid morons in this country think like them! & we're in a quagmire that's killing our people & economy & making Halliburton, Faux & alot of greedy traitors rich (that's right you can go ahead call them traitors -- what else is it when you knowingly grow rich at the cost of your own country).


Back to canada! well, ok, that's not easy, but you can go to a REAL news site

Here's a great factual Bio on Cheney by a mainstream media outlet without a left or right taint.

Ahhhh, doesn't this help his grandfather image?

anyway, enjoy.....

Judge says abused wife can't divorce while pregnant

I offer you proof that ig'nant people live in the blue states as well:

Judge Paul Bastine in Washington state refused to allow a woman from divorcing her abusive husband who's in a Montana jail.  Her husband was in jail for abusing her AND did not object to the divorce.

What?  Did one of our Southern fried nuts get loose up there?

Here's my favorite quote:

"It is the policy of the state that you cannot dissolve a marriage when one of the parties is pregnant," he said during oral arguments last month.

ummm, I wonder which one of the parties that would be.

I don't know the judge -- anybody else know him?  Maybe he's trying to make a point about a bad law (yeah, right) or seeing the legal issues only (wake up man!) -- but if he hadn't resigned, he should've been fired!

Now how about getting rid of the law?  There are too many laws that control pregnancy (which inherently control women's rights) & the prevention of "illegitimate children" (Newsflash:  all children are LEGITIMATE!)

Is it a vast right-wing, religious conspiracy or are there a bunch of nuts out there acting independently?  

I don't know if I want to believe in a Big Brother or that there are alot of stupid people out there!

Is there something we can do about this?



Judge's site:

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Texas KOS

Howdy folks!

You may have noticed the lack of entries here. I'll try to keep up but I've been busy promoting the Texas KOS group. It's a yahoo group that I started with the idea to promote progressive ideas in Texas & to turn good data in good action.

It allows us to interact better in Texas & to focus on local issues.

If you're interested, please join & let your friends know!


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

ACTION ALERT: Let Earle Investigate Tom Delay!!

In the category of Can they really do this: The Republican Texas Legislature is trying to Stop District Attorney Ronnie Earle of Austin from investigating all the corruption of Tom Delay.

Please see below, sign the petition, forward the link, & PLEASE PLEASE recommend so that we can get more press on this (not asking for tips or nothing).

Texan Kossacks please email/contact your local papers & ask them why the Republicans are keeping an elected District Attorney of Texas from carrying out Texas law.

If they can legislate that you cannot investigate Republican politicians, what THA FREAK IS NEXT!?!?!?

No One is Above the Law

If it was up to Texas House Speaker Tom Craddick, America would never know if Tom DeLay broke the law. It's an attempted cover up that we must -- and can -- expose.

On Wednesday, February 9, one of Craddick's lieutenants, State Rep. Mary Denny (R) introduced legislation designed to protect Tom DeLay. The bill would halt Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle's investigation into DeLay's role in raising hundreds of thousands of corporate contributions. That money was used in a brazen political move to gerrymander congressional districts in Texas to expand DeLay's power in Washington. But corporate money is prohibited from political campaigns in Texas, and Earle is hot on DeLay's trail. Now DeLay, Craddick, and their allies want to stop the investigation and sweep the facts under the rug.

It's no wonder Denny's bill quickly earned the name the "Politician Protection Act." Or that Denny is the beneficiary of Tom DeLay's state PAC money.

Send a message to Texas Speaker Tom Craddick: Stop protecting Tom DeLay!


Monday, February 14, 2005

Houston/Galveston Area Progressives

i was quite inspired by the feats of a certain bionic kitty who was able to influence the houston chronicle to publish an editorial concerning "Jeff Gannon".

if you don't know who Gannon is -- well, join the crowd! seems like no one does EXCEPT the WHITE HOUSE!!

& they're acting dumb (or is that really acting??)

now, ms. kitty is being modest, but it seems more than a coicidence that an editorial she sent to the Chronicle should appear almost the same time as the one they published. so, KUDOS to ya! i quite frankly never thought of sending one myself since i never expected it to be published.

but it made me wonder: hmmmm, what if we got all the local Houston Area progressives & coordinated our activities?!??

so, hey!?? you guys want to do something??? drop me a line or email me!

I get by with a little help from my friends

Hey, drop us a line. It's always good making frineds.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

If George Bush was a girl

Ok, this is just scary. Enjoy boys!

George Bush is SOOOOO HOT!

I wonder if he's saying "Iraq? Opps, I did it again!"

Harry Reid: Put a saddle on that horse!

SO. everybody's suddenly stopped worrying about the anti-abortion, Mormon upbringing of Harry Reid, the new Democratic minority leader in the Senate. people are now glowing about how strong he is performing & how he really connects with Americans..

well you know what?? I BEAT ALL OF YA'LL! i was the 1st to jump on Reid's bandwagon. it's b/c i'm smart & intellijent.

what's not to like? after the inept, apologetic leadership i've seen the past 4 years, it was nice to have a guy who could shoot straight, tawk straight, & yank out his backbone to whip the snot out of some weak junior dem or some rethuglican.

add to that he connects with the "common folk" who are the base of the repubs & it's no wonder the repubs are attacking reid.

this isn't just about Social Security or winning Nevada (Reid represents Nevada). Reid & leaders that fit his mold can get the ear of the republican base -- & that's dangerous to them when you consider the horseshit they run on.

so put a saddle on that boy & ride 'im to washington DC.


um, sorry. i drank houston water today (big mistake!) & it's turning my stomach green & my tongue country!